Tower Bridge By Night - Cool Tone - Bruce Hargrave Photography
Tower Bridge By Night - Cool Tone - Bruce Hargrave Photography

Tower Bridge By Night - Cool Tone

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Drone photography in London - some of the most congested airspace in Europe - is by no means easy!  There are many rules and regulations to be aware of and to adhere to.  However, with a lot of careful planning and preparation, it is possible to fly legally and to also get some great photographs.  Flying a small (but expensive!) drone at night over the middle of the river Thames whilst at the same time taking well composed photographs with the onboard camera also requires a bit of skill and concentration.  I have flown drones now for a number of years, done a lot of training and passed all the necessary qualifications.  This has cost a lot - both in time and in capital investment.  However, the results are well worth it!

My goal as a photographer is for the images I take to make people say 'Wow!'  When I saw the pictures I was getting from this flight, that is exactly what I said.  This is a unique image - the red London bus crossing the main span of Tower Bridge is just the icing on the cake.  I have made two versions of the same picture - this one has a cooler tone and will suit certain colour schemes and styles in your home or office.  Alongside this, you can also find a version with a warmer tone - just select the one you prefer!

All the photographs you see here are being sold as limited editions. Each one will be delivered with its own certificate, showing the edition number and my signature. Each certificate is embossed with a unique holographic authentication stamp.

Each photograph is Giclée printed on Canson Baryta Fine Art Paper. This is a pure white Baryta base archival quality paper with excellent black density, contrast and reproduction of detail. The Baryta base creates whiter whites and deeper blacks whilst the silky smooth reflective coating enhances the detail and definition of the images. Take care when handling your prints as it is a sensitive paper. A border has been added to the S, M & L prints to make framing easier.

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