Norwegian Fjord - Bruce Hargrave Photography
Norwegian Fjord - Bruce Hargrave Photography

Norwegian Fjord

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Landscape photographers identify two 'hours' - golden hour and blue hour.  Very rarely do either of them last an hour, but you can see why these times are worth waiting for.

During the blue hour the sky has a deep blue hue with a cold colour temperature and saturated colours. 

In the cities, buildings are still lit and streetlights on, making it an ideal time for urban and city photography. It's also ideal for landscape photography because of the different shades of the sky and colour saturation.

In the evening, the blue hour coincides with the end of the civil twilight, just after the golden hour. In the morning, it coincides with the initial part of the civil twilight, occurring just before the golden hour.

In the high north in winter, in the Norwegian fjords, daylight is brief and the light seems to be changing constantly.  This image, taken in the evening blue hour in early February 2018, catches some of the wonder of this.


All the photographs you see here are being sold as fine art limited editions. Each one will be delivered with its own certificate, showing the edition number and my signature. Each certificate is embossed with a unique holographic authentication stamp.

Each photograph is Giclée printed on Canson Baryta Fine Art Paper. This is a pure white Baryta base archival quality paper with excellent black density, contrast and reproduction of detail. The Baryta base creates whiter whites and deeper blacks whilst the silky smooth reflective coating enhances the detail and definition of the images. Take care when handling your prints as it is a sensitive paper. A border has been added to the S, M & L prints to make framing easier.

Please see the Print Sizing Guide.

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