Happy Feet! - Bruce Hargrave Photography

Happy Feet!

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I watched this male kingfisher from a hide, one very rainy evening, just as the light was going.  When he caught this minnow, I imagined he was doing a happy dance.

In the video, the action has been slowed down to 25% of actual speed (I shot in 100fps and it's shown in 25fps).  What amazes me is that it's still really fast!

Two types of print are available. 

Medium and Large prints are supplied on an aluminium dibond base with a metal subframe on the back so that they can be easily hung on your wall.  The full colour print has a layer of high gloss laminate applied to it to give the picture a stunning glass-like effect.

The Extra Large prints are made on a specially coated canvas that is then stretched over a pine wood frame.  At over a metre, this means that the artwork is rigid and yet light enough to be easily hung on your wall.  A hanging kit is supplied as standard with all canvases.

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