Ghosts - Bruce Hargrave Photography
Ghosts - Bruce Hargrave Photography


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Lancaster Bomber 'Just Jane' photographed at the former RAF East Kirby.  In WW2, Bomber Command aircraft and aircrews, flying (mostly at night) from bases in Lincolnshire and surrounding counties, took the war to the heart of Nazi Germany.

The successes of Bomber Command were purchased at terrible cost.  Of every 100 airmen who joined Bomber Command, 45 were killed, 6 were seriously wounded, 8 became Prisoners of War, and only 41 escaped unscathed (at least physically).  Of the 120,000 who served, 55,573 were killed including over 10,000 Canadians.  Of those who were flying at the beginning of the war, only ten percent survived.  It is a loss rate comparable only to the worst slaughter of the First World War trenches.  Only the Nazi U-Boat force suffered a higher casualty rate.

On 12th November 2019, I had the absolute honour and privilege of meeting the 97 year old Johnny Johnson and presenting him with a framed print of one of my photographs for his 98th birthday on 25th November 2019. Johnny is the Last Dambuster - the last surviving member of 617 Squadron to have flown on Operation Chastise on the night of 16-17 May 1943. 

Led by the 24 year old Wing Commander Guy Gibson, nineteen Lancaster bombers took off from RAF Scampton for an audacious low-level attack on three German dams in the Ruhr valley, using Barnes Wallis's revolutionary 'Upkeep' bomb weighing over 9,000 lbs. 

Johnny was the bomb aimer on T-Tommy and attacked the Sorpe dam.  Of the nineteen aircraft to take part, eight crashed or were shot down and 53 aircrew from Johnny's squadron were killed. 

All the photographs you see here are being sold as limited editions. Each one will be delivered with its own certificate, showing the edition number and my signature. Each certificate is embossed with a unique holographic authentication stamp.

Each photograph is Giclée printed on Canson Baryta Fine Art Paper. This is a pure white Baryta base archival quality paper with excellent black density, contrast and reproduction of detail. The Baryta base creates whiter whites and deeper blacks whilst the silky smooth reflective coating enhances the detail and definition of the images. Take care when handling your prints as it is a sensitive paper. A border has been added to the S, M & L prints to make framing easier.

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